About Me


I’m Ariane, but use many different names (currently: intothisshadow, aunexisteamor, previously: ariane666, ariane179254) on different sites because that one is usually taken.

I’m Finnish, born in 1974 and librarian by profession. I’m also a spoonie with several chronic health conditions that have kept me on sick leave on unemployed the last decade. Unfortunately, those same health conditions have made being creative difficult due to pain and lousy energy levels. I enjoy making fansites, screencapping, playing around in Photoshop and baking. Recently, I got interested in acrylic painting and dying paper.

I used to love writing fanfic, and still enjoy it sometimes. I usually wrote something smutty, and so far they mostly feature Ardeth Bay from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. I have a bunch of half-finished stuff for other fandoms (Stargate: Atlantis Todd The Wraith smut, and Space: Above And Beyond, smut featuring McQueen) that I keep hoping to finish some day.

I post my stuff here, as well as the following archives:

I decided not to re-post a couple of my unfinished fics that were up before, just didn’t feel like re-posting them.


If warnings are necessary to you, please be sure to read my Ratings & Warnings page before proceeding to fics.

I use to be dead-set against warnings because I didn’t know the difference between being squicked and triggered. I don’t have triggers or squicks myself, just thing I don’t care to read but they don’t affect me beyond a second of ew! I forget it as soon as I close the tab. So as a reader I don’t want/need to see warnings or tags beyond the rating, summary and pairing/main characters. I really didn’t know that triggers exist (except vaguely in relation to soldiers who’d seen war) or how being triggered can affect a person. A bunch of years ago I talked myself into adding the Author Chooses Not To Warn after the huge warnings debacle on LJ and just used that for a long time. Recently after learning more about what being triggered can be like, I’ve changed my warnings policy a little more to use the AO3 system.